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Headquartered in Omaha, NE, Mobile Diesel Services is dedicated to getting you back on the road as soon as possible



Whether its simple service or emergency repairs, we will do everything we can to get you back on the road while performing quality service.

And the best part?  We will come to you.  Home, Parking Lot, Road Side.  Vehicle repair anywhere you need service is our shop.  So before you call for a tow, call us!

We perform road service for class 8 trucks, Medium duty trucks, and Heavy Equipment. At home car maintenance can be scheduled with an appointment, a convenient option for those who cant find a baby sitter or just cant find the time to take their car to an expensive dealer.


Class 8 Trucks/Trailers and Medium Duty trucks

Brakes/drums and wheel end repairs

Hard Start/No Start

Cooling System


Out of Fuel

Suspension work, w/o frame

Electrical and lighting repairs

DOT inspections.

C.N.G. PMs on lot


Car/Truck/SUV: Personal owned

We do nearly all repairs and inspections for at an hourly rate with a few flat rates listed below. The only maintenance we will not do on personally owned vehicles is body/frame work, heavy engine repairs/pulls unless we may take possession of vehicle for an extended period of time.



Passenger Vehicle Service: $111 per hour + mileage

Standard Service With Fleet Agreement: $105 per hour + mileage

Commercial Road Call Service: Starts at $115 per hour + mileage

After Hours Road Call: Starts at $130 per hour + mileage for any services rendered after 6 P.M. until 8 A.M.

Mileage: $1.00 per mile

Flat rate services passenger vehicles only

Tire Plug: $50 + parts and mileage

Tire Swap With Pre-mounted Tire: $100 + milage

Battery Jump: $50 + mileage

Battery Swap: $50 + mileage if battery is readily accessible.

Bulb Replacement: $50 + mileage

Lockout: $75 + mileage, FREE if there is a child stuck in the vehicle

All non-flat rate services have a 2 hour minimum at the time of dispatch

Phone Number: (531) 205–0192

(402) 682-2281